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PS3 Harddrive confirmed as add-on.

Posted on: June 10, 2005

Originally uploaded by conrad_strydom.

Some PS3 news via Engadget

I must say, I kinda like this. The Xbox fans that so vehemently support the whole HD thing are those that are involved with hacking the device to play illegal game rips or ripped movies off the drive.

My PS3 is gonna be for games. If I wanna develop for the thing , I’ll get the optional linux kit. I have a PC already, why pay more for the console?

And for those that believe the PS3 \ Xbox devices need to act as a media center, wake up! There are some fantastic PVR’s out there. Get one of those!

Stuff convergence appliances .. period.


2 Responses to "PS3 Harddrive confirmed as add-on."

omg. could the ps3 console be the ugliest thing ever….oh wait, the controller takes the cake.

Yup. UGLY …

But I must be honest, I don’t give a Donkey’s buttkiss as long as it rocks in the graphics department.

Do you realise that the ugly controller will be bluetooth compatible?

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