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First Look at the “Mactel”

Posted on: June 24, 2005

Think Secret is reporting that the first shipment of Intel Based Macs , now widely codenamed as the “Mactel” has been dropped off into developers hands.

The ADP or “Apple Development Platform” is rumoured to be housed in a case similar to a PowerMac G5. Hardware goodies include a 3.6Ghz P4 (2MB L2) processer on an 800 Mhz bus with 1GB of ram.

Apparenlty it runs the included Tiger 10.4 transparently as well as Windows XP fairly smoothly. However attempt to install the Tiger for Intel distro has failed on other Intel machines due to the OS looking for some or other missing hardware component on the machine that it needs to perform a digital handshake with. (Think software dongle)

Surely this will be easy to bypass? And surely other hardware manufacturers could push for them to release it under licence?

Anyway .. good news allround.

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