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Geek Spin Podcast #1

Posted on: July 12, 2005

Welcome to this, my first forray into podcasting! Geek Spin #1!

I tell you a little about me , and my setup and run you through some tech news for the week.

Speculation on the real reason for Apple moving to Intel
Claria not so bad, says Microsoft.
Harry Potter
Self heating coffee containers exposed.
Personal Securer
Sony Rollable Display
Personal Data Loss/Theft
Sony Portable GPS
Feds worried about airline broadband
Google beats typography squater

Some iTunes waffle , and I ask for some help with my archos.

I play some beautiful music by Rob Costlow go and visit his site over at!

I played out with a great rock & roll track by TenPenny Joke.

Thanks to Podcast NYC for the music!

Mail me at with your feedback and suggestions!


Get the MP3 here.



2 Responses to "Geek Spin Podcast #1"

Interesting listening Conrad! Admittingly I did skip past a few news bits that were becoming a bit tedious, but I found the format and whole concept pretty good for a first attempt – keep it up 🙂

Thanks Coda! Yeah its still a little rough around the edges but I hope for it too improve a lot in the future.

Its harder than it seems to talk to yourself into a microphone in front of your PC in a dark room.

Be sure to keep checking it out!

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