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Xbox 360 photos.

Posted on: July 18, 2005

Ok , you know how it goes …

You get you’re hands on something REALLY cool like say an unreleased Xbox 360 , you tell you’re buddies on the forums and maybe a couple IRC friends the cool news.

They say , “nah , your such a liar”. You say “but ’tis true!”. They say “post some photos”. You do it. end of story …

Not for this kid. Doh!

Turns out has daddy is a microsoft employee who brought one of these numbers home to test. Kid got his hands on it took some photos,
and posted them online. Boom! Next minute instant fame. Do ya thing daddies gonna pleased about his son breaking his NDA?

Oh well , thanks kid! Hope its not too cold on the park bench …

Via: Engadget

Tag: Xbox


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