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Apple announces iPod Nano + ROKR phone.

Posted on: September 7, 2005

Hot off the presses today is the announcement of the new iPod player that seems to be a replacement for the mini (which has disappeared of the site) as well as the long awaited Motorola ROKR E1 iTunes phones.

Read about the nano here ..

Nano: The good ..
1) Super bleeding edge 4Gb solidstate flash technology.
2) Color screen
3) Super slim + tiny
4) Just plain sexy
5) Did I say tiny?
6) I want one

Nano: The bad …
1) It causes the instant demize of a whole market of compact HD based players. awww.
2) The put the audio jack at the bottom. umm…
3) How are you ‘sposed to read that little screen?
4) Why not support the alternative colors that where so popular with the mini?
5) WOW!! Why so pricey? You can get a 20GB photo for $50 less? Guess thats the price
you pay for bleeding edge tech.
6)What up with the name? C’mon apple Creative already have a Zen Nano, see it here

Read about the ROKR here …

ROKR: Good
1) Its a phone AND and iTunes based mp3 player .. wow..
2) um …

ROKR: The bad
1) Its very definately a Motorola, no Apple design influence. In fact I’m sure its a
rehashed E398, which I
actually think looks better in its black.
2) Its too basic dude, nothing special
3) Only supports like 100 songs out the box.
4) The iTunes support allows only random auto MP3 populating (like the shuffle), or
manual USB based MP3 populating. I guess that cause of the limited storage space

oh well.

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Oh well.


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