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Geek Spin Podcast #5

Posted on: October 25, 2005

A LATE upload, after some bandwith issues.. enjoy

The Musically inclined Apple Cast!

MP3 can be found here.

Hi guys, great to see you back!! Sorry about the damn Archos harddrive whine you’ll hear every few minutes .. gotta work on that!

I have a music heavy podcast for you tonite, I play 4 songs by some great bands as provided by the podsafe music network.


All songs released under Fat Wreck Records

Decendents/Cool to be you

MxPx/Lonesome Town

Chixdiggit!/Geocities Kitty

Descendents/Nothing With You

I tell you about the Tech Podcast Network live events, the free voicemail service, Backpackit , online workspace.

We Talk about the new apple goodies:

New G5
The new Powerbooks
Everything you wanna know about the 5th Gen iPod


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Where is the next one?

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