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The brrreeeport report now a top post on

Posted on: February 14, 2006

Seems like the expirement is gaining some rapid ground … it is now showing up as a top post on my dashboard.

122 results in google blog search.
110 on technorati .. woot?! less than google?

Technorati Tags:


2 Responses to "The brrreeeport report now a top post on"

technorati really only tracks links.

Well , correct me if I am wrong. Technorati tracks links (that was its main purpose) , tags and you can do a keyword search. I just thought it was funny, because google was in a solid second place in terms of results, and to me it seems to indicate that while technorati is initially very good , in the long run google seems to index better, despite the technorati ping service.

Which brings me to my second point .. seems like the ping-o-matic ping service from
is a bit slow! Technorati shows 19 hours since the last update. Will have to keep my eye on it.

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