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Join the Scoble academy for aspiring A-listers.

Posted on: February 15, 2006

Um, not really, but boy that guy Scoble has been dishing out some good stuff this week. While reading up on his Brrreeeport comments, I found this interesting piece. He is giving away some good tips to becoming an A-list blogger like:

* Write good titles
* Claim your weblog
* Use some pictures to liven things up
* Make friends with other bloggers, you know community?
* Mail them with info on your new posts they might like.

It all basically creates attention (sic) for your blog, just look at what Brrreeeport did, it made me notice this here other good post on Scobles blog.

So Robert, where can I sign up?

Read all about it here.

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1 Response to "Join the Scoble academy for aspiring A-listers."

Inventing brrreeeport

This means nothing. It’s purely for the sake of the brrreeeport experiment, so you don’t have to click or do anything…

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