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Nokia killed the VoIP star.

Posted on: February 15, 2006

Unlicensed Mobile Access – or UMA in short, is a technology that allows a mobile phone to hop seamlessly between reception from a mobile phone tower and a WiFi network.

Nokia has now recently released their 6136 to exploit UMA and it seems that a phone like this could seriously stump the growth of upstart VoIP companies like Vonage or Skype.

Think about it if you had all the advantages of VoIP (clear and nearly free calls over WiFi) and the flexibility of having a fallover to tradional minutes, why have 2 handsets instead of 1?

If the major cellular providers start bundling free WiFi and a large number of available hotspots in major centres as part of your contract\package, they could have a real winning concept on their hands.

In a South African context, I don’t really see these phones as making a big difference, bandwidth is still to pricey to really make a big impact, lets wait and see what time brings.

I would also like to see how these phones interoperate with Wifi network security protocols. Please comment if you know anything about that. I’m thinking that these networks will probably need to be open.

Read more here.

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