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Posted on: February 16, 2006

Normally when people recommend blogs its a pretty ho-hum affair for me, but Scoble was recommending this one that actually seems pretty good.

Right off the bat the first post that I saw rang true. In a post entitled, Fear of writing, Jeff encourages :

don’t let fear of writing keep you from doing it

So just to indulge in a bit of metooism, let me just chime in as well ..

I think people take themselves way to seriously, sure so maybe you are not the worlds greatest writer, but is it better to stay sitting quietly in the corner when you have something burning to say?

Each post, each thought milled over in your head gets easier, and easier to put down. Some people ask me, why put so much effort into something that nobody reads, but thats not true. Everybody has readers, friends, family, a couple of subscribers who dropped in by chance. And its a great feeling when someone pats you on the back to congratulate an enjoyable post.

So yeah, me personally, I’ll try and keep at it while it stays fun, and I have something to say.

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4 Responses to "Coding Horror"

I completely agree. This blogging lark is much better than watching a soap opera on TV or cleaning up the beer cans and fag butts around my flat!

Totally, though it hurts my fingers and eyeballs after a while 🙂

To paaphrase a quote I heard last week… How do I know what I think until I’ve heard what I have to say!!
Writing helps me clarify my messages and make sense of what exactly my opinion is!
I’m with you on this one Conrad… Writing Rocks (even if you suck at it!!)

…to clarify… I didn’t mean that YOU suck at it, a meant “a person”:-p

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