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Cool app of the day: ZenGarage

Posted on: February 16, 2006

Zen Garage Screenshot

Saw this tool called
ZenGarage via GeekNewsCentral and having been in the web development space for a number of years now I can see how something like this could be very handy. Described by the author as a “The CSS Showcase Tool” , it is basically a nice organised PHP framework where you can slot prototypes for your pages into.

There is a folder for each different project and its templates and within each project you can have set of different styles.

The only change to your templates is to replace the normally CSS include with something like this …

<?php echo $this->styleSheet(); ?>

what I like about it is the fact that for each major revision, just add another folder and forget about the old complications of renaming stylesheets etc. etc.

For all you guys out there in the design space, instead of giving your clients sheets and sheets of links give this a go, I like it.

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1 Response to "Cool app of the day: ZenGarage"

Thanks for the link. I hope you find it useful.

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