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Gatekeepers, or highway on-ramps?

Posted on: February 16, 2006

I wonder if Tristan Louis was planning on evoking such passion from so many people when he made this post. In his post he evaluates the perception that the balance of power has only shifted somewhat and that the little guy still has no voice in the blogosphere. Are we being controlled, influenced and reigned-in by the “A list”?

The question, in all this, however, is whether we could be suffering from possible group myopia. What if a rumor is wrong and gets propagated by the gatekeepers? What is that impact?

Doc Searls was one of the first to get on the bandwagon and I think he must be feeling geniunely perplexed ..

I don’t know.
I do know what it is like to be on the outside, to face gates far more closed than those anybody faces in the blogosphere.

The truth is I think both sides of the conversation has a point. For one you can’t deny the power of the A-list, these people can bring any story or person to the fore if they pay attention, isn’t that why we read their writings? To me this concept of gatekeepers is firmly rested in our own minds, maybe it represents our own phsycological barrier to entry.

No, I rather think of the A-list as on-ramps to the bigtime. Take me for example, my interest in the blogosphere is a constant ebb and flow, I have been cruising along the rural roads of the blogosphere choosing to avoid driving up those on-ramps for a while now. I know that when I am ready to start making my journey I can just hit one of the on-ramps, but for now I am just reading the signs, taking in the destinations those on-ramps will take me to.

If we never had an A-list, how would the little guy ever make sense, how would I ever had stumbed on Tristans blog? Thank you to the A-list for being my powerful filter, I like what you think, though I may sometimes disagree, but I trust you. I pay attention to what YOU pay attention too… beautiful.

C’mon lets not bash the early adopters, they do nothing more or less than we can. Sure it helps if you work for Microsoft or if you stay in San Fransisco, but lets not forget why these people are A-listers in the first place.. because somebody payed attention to them. You and me.

Maybe oneday , someone will pay attention to me as well.

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2 Responses to "Gatekeepers, or highway on-ramps?"

To answer your question, I expect some insights but was surprised by the level of passion surrounding this debate.

[…] Clarification increased in my own mind. Gatekeepers may be part of human nature and not something we can work around: we, as human beings, are wired into needing some sort of filter (a belief that seems to be shared by Conrad Strydom of Geekspin). And people who have been assigned the role (for I do not believe it’s a role one can bestow on himself or herself), it comes with great responsibilities. […]

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