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RIAA rips fair-use apart even more.

Posted on: February 16, 2006

While it has long been lamented that the DMCA is a flawed law due to the fact that it has made it illegal for owners of legal media, like music CD’s, to make backup copies of their own data, it seems that the RIAA is gearing up to introduce even more stringent and ridiculous DRM devices.

According to this article in Arstechnica, the RIAA has now taken the stance that CD ripping (previously supported by their lawyers), and backups are not fair use in their eyes.

The are trying to justify their argument with weak comments like:

Presumably, consumers concerned with the ability to make back up copies would choose to purchase music from a service that allowed such copying. Even if CDs do become damaged, replacements are readily available at affordable prices.

Basically spend more money to protect your investment, and it is not hard to guess where this money goes.

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1 Response to "RIAA rips fair-use apart even more."

[…] Rumour has it that the service will been a $5 – $15 dollars a month all-you-can-eat like Napster and that it will not follow the 99c model as offerered by iTunes. Additionally they will make it easy to transfer songs to digital music players and talks are in progress to secure the rights to provide purchasers of traditional CD’s access to free mp3 downloads. (fair use?) […]

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