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Stop stealing Scoble’s stuff!!

Posted on: February 16, 2006

So Chris Pirillo reckons that the answer to Scoble’s problem with lots of unattributed copying is to not have full RSS feeds. Ok , thats one idea, but as one of Chris’ comments point out, working around that is a trivial task :

And partial feeds make it harder for a program to retrieve the full item? Uh.. it doesn’t. Once your rss feed includes links to the original document, it doesn’t take a fraction of a second longer to retrieve the item… in other words partial feeds only provide a false sense of ownership.

Ok, so those are “smart” spammers etc, but what about people that just copy while posts as if it is their own, I think there is a lot of that as well.

At least now with “Authority” ratings it would be easier to filter, chances are that the person with the higher authority is the originator. Well .. sometimes.

Its so tough to be A-list 🙂

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