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Edgeio is buzzworthy

Posted on: February 21, 2006

So I read about edgeio a while ago on TechCrunch, but I never really took much notice till this morning when I spotted a wierd line in a review done of the service on the Geek News Central RSS feed.

See screengrab below:


At first I wondered whether it is some sort of a tracking system for kudos or rewards handed to certain bloggers but as it turns out it is actually how you claim your blog for the edgeio system.

I am waiting to hopefully receive a login to find out how it exactly works, but I guess the final part of the claim process is to paste the word “edgeio-key” followed by a random hash into your blog somewhere.

Lets take a step back. For those that don’t know edgeio is a new spin on the EBay model with a bit of Web 2.0 in the mix. Instead of splitting your EBay live and your blogging live you can now bring your digital identity together by posting your for sale items on your blog and then tag the item as “listing”, after which the service will pick up your item and make it available for sale.

A sidebar listing your items for sale, and those of others if you have none or few listings, is available and it is claimed that some sort of earning model may be available from it at a later stage.

Edgeio is the pet project of Michael Arrington so I guess they can’t be in better hands, its early days but some are already condemning it while others call it “a hope for distributed community”. Either way, good luck to them, and can somebody please send me my evaluation code already?!

In the meantime, when you claim your blog, remember that even if you hide that ID code in a DIV its still going to pop up in your RSS feed and freak out people like me, why not just politely tell your readers what it is about?

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1 Response to "Edgeio is buzzworthy"

password is “laguna”

Keith Teare
Mikes partner and (cough cough) Founder of edgeio 🙂

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