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Musical Chairs ..

Posted on: February 22, 2006

I really need to start thinking of getting a comfy desk chair for my office at home. You would laugh if you saw what I’m using at the moment. I have had anything from crappy swivel chairs to dining room high-backs, but currently I am at my lowest low. Its a freekin discount store camp fold-up chair for goodness sake!! I am so uncomfortable, its not even funny.

I was thinking maybe its time for the The ACS Executive Office Chair Trimmed in Gray Leather , whats $2500 for one’s comfort anyway?


1 Response to "Musical Chairs .."

My recommendation (though I doubt any1 will take me up on this) is to get an excercise ball to sit on.

The ball is better for our backs and posture, which gets scrunched up from the long hours spent seated on crappy chairs.

And , yes, I do use one myself.

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