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Extra! Extra! Get your google page now!!

Posted on: February 24, 2006

In a further continuance of google’s gigantic game of battleship, it has fired off another shell at a square it hasn’t bombed before, this time in the form of a website builder and hosting service called Google Page Creator. (Also see the ‘Spray-and-Pray’ theory)

Basically its is one of those easy to use WYSIWYG numbers, you can create and edit your site and then get a page at So nothing new there, just about every major ISP and search engine has been doing this for years, remember how tripod made tons of money for themselves in the early years of Web 1.0?

I would love to comment on how great the tool is, however it seems like google has somehow underestimated the fact that every single geek on the planet would to want to squeeze through the turnstiles, and they have had to halt new registrations due to load concerns. *Sigh* , they can handle a billion zillion search requests, but they couldn’t figure this out? Oh well, I guess they only need to do whats necessary to get me blogging, and here you go.. Still wonder which company is the biggest Attention wick out there at the moment?

Anyhoo, I think this will only really remain buzzworthy and then die off pretty quickly, remember googlebase or should I say google-some-porn-base? if not, then I’m wrong and then they will probably sit with a Myspace killer on their hands, less the obvious social networking goodies.

Oh well, Scoble says we should be praising google for trying to bring a web presence to the masses, I kinda think if they REALLY want to do that they need to come up with a brand new radical idea and not just some old model rehash with some cool new flashy Ajax toys (Sounds like the Apple effect, doesn’t it. Ooohh its got a half eaten fruit on it , how revolutionary). What the heck, if this is really a “20% project” (Google encourage their developers to spend one day a week working on these little side-projects) , then its probably cool and worth a look, maybe it will catch on, hey? Now get back to what really matters! Google Search!

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