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Not so broadband ..

Posted on: February 24, 2006

The plight of South African internet users has been much lamented and as much as I get excited about people calling our laws ridiculous there really is not all that much that is going to change until our laws relax.

Here is another one of those exciting articles, Canadian hi-tech guru Leonard Brody reckons we can blanket vast distances with WiMax in a space of two weeks, and he is right, but who really has the guts to fly in the face of the government?

Sure towns like Knysna are going ahead with a WiFi implementation because someone over there got it, but in the whole their is a massive lack of excitement around broadband, people do not fathom the life changing opportunities, you would think that in a country where we have vast numbers of dialup users, that people would get a clue, but honestly cost is scaring them away.

While having an easy means to connect people to a network, even vastly more important is the need to have cheaper data costs, at the moment we are somewhere around 1000 – 2000% more expensive than some other parts of the world, seriously I am not kidding.

Thats why this other new company I found just pissed me off even more, its called goggaconnect and it works on the existing 3G network, and it is SUPER expensive. Its really not their fault its a good idea, but it won’t make any significant impact on the way we live.

Hey, I have a 3G phone and I never use it, metered systems just don’t work as they don’t provide freedom to experiment (who can when you have to glance at the meter all the time?!), nor help to do business in the space. Telkom is killing us with their monopoly on the local loop, read more on

Here’s hoping the SNO (Second Network Operator) will start making waves soon.

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