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Why can’t we just …. get along?

Posted on: March 4, 2006

I love this new fangled internet thing. I love what we call web 2.0, I love the interconnectedness, the sharing, the cross-pollination of ideas the “developers partying with users” (as per Dave Winer) and the trust.

I was shocked and sickened by the somewhat nasty post directed at Scoble, read his response here.

Sure I read the Scobleizer, and personally I don’t care if Scoble runs Firefox and uses Scobleizer products or Microsoft tools, however I don’t believe it does anybody any good to start flinging insults around the blogosphere: “Scoble cannot tell his ass from his face”, thats just not cool.

Kent Newsome says: “Because the little blogospats that are popping up all over the blogosphere sound more like my kids fighting over a Polly Pocket than anything resembling reasoned conversation.“. And he is right, and it is directly undermining our efforts at heaving a meaningful debate in what we have called the blogosphere.

I read a lot of blogs everyday, including Scobleizer, when I am done I have a number of choices:

  • Ignore what I have just read
  • Take note and add it to my understanding of the world
  • Comment and add to the conversation

However to start insulting someone unprovoked on a personal level is just not acceptable and counter-productive.

Without commenting on Scoble’s technical skill, let me just pose this question: Does it even matter?

Zoli Erdos makes a good point:”Technology’s primary role is to advance the lives of all of us, and guess what, that means mostly for non-technologists. We need the ‘hardcore’ technologists who create it, the non-techie users (the rest of the world, which happens to be the majority), and the in-betweeners, who explain it, help us select and use it.”

Surely everyone gets to have a say, the blogosphere is a big place, if you don’t like it just don’t read it, I don’t like half the stuff on TV, so I change the channel, I don’t start a mudslinging fight with the producers of the shows.

Come on guys, can’t we just get along? It will be better for all of us, in the long run.

Oh and am I the only one to think that Microsoft has as much a place in this world as the Open Source community, is there really a good or a bad (and a ugly)? Is it not more about what adds value to you the user personally? C’mon guys we need to get along, the worlds needs to change, lets call it the Technological Revolution 2.0 , mkay? 🙂

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