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Do tech bloggers GET blogging?

Posted on: March 5, 2006

A while ago I was asking a good friend of mine whether he was reading my blog. He had a surprising response and it went something like this:

“Nah, I check it out occasionally, but you just always link to other people’s stuff that link to other people. I can find that sort of information on my own.”

I was kind of taken aback and had a quick retort along the lines of: “excuse me I don’t just link to other people, I comment!”. And I left it at that.

However I have slowly come to release that 80% of what I do IS that, linking to someone else’s ideas and just adding my spin on the subject. Very little original ideas ever really emanate from me and I think it is shame. The same is true with the bulk of the new crop of tech blogs out there. The downside of it is that people don’t really take us all that seriously, sure at our little “dinner table” as Kent Newsome explains the conversation is lively and engaging, but for everyone else it just sounds like a bunch of intellectuals having a tag figting match.

I am not saying there is anything wrong with wagon-training, I love the stimulation it provides and I love to test my own thoughts using this blog and others as a sounding-board, but how are we showing ourselves to the world outside of the blogosphere? Do we add value to the lives of others outside or little circle of tech geekness?

Sure a blog on knitting, or horse riding will generally contain tons of information, good original content and would appeal to a large scope of people including those that don’t get the whole blogging phenomenon. But do a test and do a cross section of the popular tech blogs out there, put on your user cap and you will realise that it seems like we are perpetuating the same ideas over and over again, SSDD.

Speaking to a South African web developer the other day I asked him what his takes is on Web 2.0, he replied:
“What’s that? I don’t have time to keep up with all that blogging crap, I work during the day.”

Scary? Yeah, and scary because its our fault. We need to educate, we need to SHARE! We need to stop bouncing around the intellectual beachball over the heads of the uninitiated.


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4 Responses to "Do tech bloggers GET blogging?"

I remember talking with a non-tech blogger a few months back. He was intent on providing new content to the conversation, not just taking part in someone elses. Personally, I wish I could do that more myself, but most people are so busy all they have time to do is see a story and comment on it (which is what we’re doing all the time).

Anyway, interesting piece.

I commented on this in a recent Podcast about the general population here in the USA still not knowing what a Podcast or Blog is. I work (have worked) with some brilliant technical people in all aspects of technology, whom the majority on a day to day basis find no or very little use for blogging or podcasting.
I’ve had people comment how they hate how Google will bring up these blogs when they search for something technical on the internet. That probably proofs the point your friend made that most blogs link to another… link to another… link…

BTW. Wat het gebeur met jou Geekspin Podcast?

Thanks for the comments, boerseun & hash.

Hy kom weer, hy kom 🙂

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