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Do you understand the Collective Unconscious?

Posted on: March 5, 2006

While reading up on the little spat going on around barcamp, I stumbled on this amazing piece by Tara explaining a phenomenon she calls the “Collective Unconscious”.

Its a beautiful thing, its that thing that just makes certain things happen, click. Its that thing that makes myspace huge, its that thing that made the iPod explode into the giant it is. It is also more than that, its that thought that sits at the back of your head that you battle to get out and when you stumble on that blog post by someone else, or you are having that conversation a while later and you realise that you are on the same figurative page and you go .. “Yea, yea that’s it!” or as Tara puts it “a-ha!”.

That is part of what I love about blogging and participating in the blogosphere, you get to grow so much, you get to finally get those things to bubble up out of your collective unconscious. Sure, I haven’t been doing this for very long, but already my thought patterns are so vastly different from when it was just me isolated, at my desk. Who would have thought six months ago that I would have this incredible burning need to kick of a BarCamp here in Cape Town?

I am sad that this amazing social tool, the internet, is still not a reality for so many people in South Africa, here the barrier to entry is so high. The hardware issue we can solve, the bandwidth issue, man its difficult. In a country where only the cream can afford to experience what I am in this new online world, the interactive live web. Only an estimated 200 000 people have access to broadband to their homes, 200 000 in a sea of 40 million. How do we tap into those minds? How do we add them to our collective unconscious?

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3 Responses to "Do you understand the Collective Unconscious?"

I’m so excited for you guys and Barcamp Cape Town! I wish I could be there. Man…

I echo what Tara said — I’m totally psyched to see Bar Camp Cape Town happening. I had mentioned it a long time ago but had no one local that could make it happen.

I totally support your efforts and am available for whatever kind of help or guidance that you might need.

Thanks guys, I appreciate your support.

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