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Beware the hype monster

Posted on: March 7, 2006

I’m worried, I really am, Origami is taking over and while it is now close to the eve of the unveiling at Cebit (a 30 second mention by the way, my bet is on channel 9 having the real scoop rather), the hype seems to have just REALLY spun out of control.

Everyone seems to know what it is, most people seem to swing to some sort of a PDA/Mini Tablet device and people claim REAL photos have leaked. There is just no way that this thing is going to live up to the hype.

What we are seeing is in fact an interesting phenomenon that I want to call “the Apple effect”, people are commenting that Microsoft has taken a page from Apple’s “one more thing” hype machine and that they may even have exceeded the hype generated but I would like to call nay on this. Putting a couple of teasers up on a website or on a press invitation is hardly anything to be excited about, rather the source of all that hype is inside each one of us and the blogosphere is swallowing it hook line and sinker.

Let’s look at the last Apple release, everyone was betting on a new video iPod , even though the release date was totally unreasonable considering how young the latest all-singing-all-dancing iPod is, instead they where given an expensive Intel Mac Mini and a crappy boombox that reminds me of a failed 1st year college design project.

So, do you see the problem here? We where all DISAPPOINTED. We where like children at christmas time getting all revved up about an imaginary Xbox under the tree even though we now our dad has just lost his job and it would be an impossible wish, so we have set ourselves for disappointment and then that crappy GI Joe which would rock under normal circumstances seems to suck so extra bad.

Bad blogosphere, bad! It sucks that we just believe everything we read, we don’t question, we don’t investigate, we don’t think for ourselves. Remember that iPod mockup from 2 weeks ago, the guy must have had a good ‘ol laugh when he posted the video explaining how he did it!

Please guys lets not do what we have been pinning on mainstream media for years, lets not overhype and perpetuate half truths.

They say there is no such thing as bad publicity, but to tell you the truth, I think there be a time when Apple and MS regret all this hype around the releases, I mean if GI Joe sucked, does that not mean we would see these “underdelivered” product releases in a poor light too?

By posting this, am I buying into the hype against my will?

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