Geekspin Blog and the Read/Write web.

Posted on: March 7, 2006

While trawling the web like I always do I found this interesting service called MyStickies. Think of it as sticky notes for the web, you can quite literally drag on a little scrap of virtual paper, and make notes and comments to your hearts content. Once you have an account these notes become persistent and will appear again on your next visit (provided you are logged in via the browser extension). I like the idea a lot, but what seems even groovier is what lies in the future of the site:

MyStickies currently is planning ……. sharing tags’ notes and individual notes with friends, rich text notes (bold, italics, and links) and some form of public notes.

Wow! Public Notes! Now there’s a cool application, proper read/write web don’t you think? Keep an eye on these guys.

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2 Responses to " and the Read/Write web."

Thanks. I’m keen for whatever reduces my reliance on tree-killing paper!
ny the way… do you have a suggestion for a good (and free) personal wiki page?

Keep up the great writing bro!

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