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Familiar Gatekeeper metaphor

Posted on: March 13, 2006

This gatekeeper thread just refuses to die off, Kent Newsome adds to the debate, this line looked familiar though:

We are gatekeepers, the same way entrance ramps are gates to the freeway.

Then I realised, hey I said it first!! Now I can either come to the conclusion that this is another collective unconscious thing, or I can stroke my ego and say that maybe I planted that seed in his mind, in which case it is the greatest complement ever to have changed the thinking of a blogger that I really respect.

Ah yes, the world is really flattening, like Kent says. Maybe Rubel really has something here?

Then again, I could be wrong, but lets just stick with it for now, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. 🙂

Kent has linked backed to me now in the article. Thanks, I appreciate the validating gesture.

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2 Responses to "Familiar Gatekeeper metaphor"

I read your blog, so you may have planted the seed!

Footnote to come.

I don’t read your blog. But years ago I asked a friend to describe me in two words. He said “Gate Keeper.” No explanation

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