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ShoZu, takes the effort out of camera phoning.

Posted on: March 23, 2006

Its true that there are ways of getting camera phone photos uploaded to your favorite service, mainly revolving around email, or alternatively downloading to your PC and then uploading , but it has always seemed a little like voodoo to non technical people. (Most people find even MMS difficult)

Along comes ShoZu an application enabling direct-from-phone uploading to four popular photo sharing/blog services:

1) Flickr
2) Buzznet
3) TextAmerica
4) WebShots

I was happy to see a large list of supported phones including mine, the Sony Ericsson V600i (K600).

During registration on the site you provide your phone number for the service to SMS you a download link. The SMS arrived instantly and the 216KB Java application proved easy to download and install.

After installation you are presented with a neat Java application that allows you to view all the photos on your phone, add tags, descriptions and titles and then upload these images to your photo service of choice, I chose flickr. A handy feature is that you can modify the meta data on the image even after the upload. Videos uploaded via the will be forwarded to an email address you can specify.

Its all very simple and easy to use, and its definately worth a look if you use your phone a lot.

Well done to the folks over at ShoZu!


1 Response to "ShoZu, takes the effort out of camera phoning."

Thanks for the comments on ShoZu. We’ll be announcing more photo sharing sites very soon, in case any of your readers don’t send their photos to one of the above-mentioned sites.

Andy Tiller, CTO Cognima (creators of ShoZu)

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