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Where are the ITWeb feeds?

Posted on: April 2, 2006

I have been looking for some sort of clue to where the feeds are for ITWeb, and up to now I have not managed to locate any. I hope its just stashed away somewhere amongst the tons of ads and other garbage, surely the leading technology news site in SA will have a feed, right? I hope so, let me know if you know it, I hope it is just a case of poor link placement.

If not I am starting to get a little concerned, it tweaks me that so many local sites haven’t caught one yet.

Message to non-syndicated sites: C’mon guys, you’re competitors are providing feeds, why cant you? Contact me, I can help.

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6 Responses to "Where are the ITWeb feeds?"

Agreed, has the same problem..

What feeds are you refering to ? RSS feeds?

Yes? RSS, Atom, anything that allows me to subscribe to a feed in my aggregator.

Where are the ITWeb feeds? Go to ITWeb’s homepage, at the top of the page, roughly in the middle you’ll see ITWeb info, at the bottom of that menu are 3 RSS feeds.

[…] Geekspin asked the question, ‘Where are the ITweb feeds?‘. […]

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