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Posted on: April 5, 2006 is a smart “”public” aggregator (vs. “private” aggragator which is your own feed list, these ones are pre-prepared by experts for ease-of-use) hailing from india, it has various location or topic based areas called “daily’s” and using the friendly interface one can “browse” the very up-to-date content right on the site, or export the dailies as OPML. One thing I love about the site is that it gives you a very nice “at-a-glance” overview of the newest news and post in the categories or “panels” that you can switch on and off at will.

Another very handy feature that I use quite often is the mobile portal available via, nice for a quick news update.

The guys there have approached me to put together an OPML list for them and I have obliged, its viewable at, have a look, and send in feedback and suggestions.


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Oh, noice! By far one of the ‘friendliest’ aggregators I’ve seen – I really like the quick view/hide panel action.

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