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Poor local 3G available ..

Posted on: April 10, 2006

While at my mother’s place over the weekend in a developed area of Kuilsriver, I was upset not to have ANY 3g reception there. At home (Parklands) my receptions is “flaky”. And to compound to the problem, I am going away on Friday for a bit of R&R in J-Bay and with it being a premier SA holiday destination I thought I would a look at the 3G reception on the Vodacom site, turns out that it is VERY limited. The place we are planning on staying looks like it is right on the edge, oh well lets see, otherwise it will be back to slow GSM speeds. Vodacom ran an ad last night where they said: “3G reception nearly everywhere.” (or something to that effect) More like: “3g reception almost nowhere.”

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1 Response to "Poor local 3G available .."

One does not appreciate 3G until you drop back down to GPRS. Lets whip our some Afrikaans for the rest of this comment. The few Afrikaans language searches it might just help. Let me know wat gebeur met u statistieke.

Ek het vanmiddag middagete by my ouma geniet. Toe dog ek dat die 2 sekondes dit gewoonlik neem om my epos te bekom met 3G sou nie die ete ‘spoil’ nie.

Daar was nie 3G in haar woonbuurt beskikbaar nie en moes 5 minute spandeer om my epos te ‘check’.

Ok my Afrikaans is not that good anymore, I tried.

Have a great one.

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