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goowy, a flashy webtop

Posted on: May 6, 2006

I have been looking at goowy a little and I must say that I reckon that it can come in pretty handy if you have the bandwidth to spare.

So, what is goowy exactly? Primarily it is one of the new generation of so-called webtops and it tries to encapsulate everything you need to have a virtual desk away from your real desk. The main difference with goowy is that it as all flash driven and gives it a somewhat different feel to the various AJAX-based solutions on the market already today.

Goowy 1

Here are some of its handy integrated features:

1) A full featured email client. This mail client is really impressive and contains 90% of the capability of a desktop mail client. You can configure external pop accounts (only one at the moment) on top of the account you recieve.

2) Nicely featured Instant Messaging client int the Meebo style, i.e. you can configure MSN Messenger, Yahoo and ICQ and AOL IM accounts if you have ones.

3) Contact Management. Pretty good, a handy feature is the import facility that will allow you to import up to 1000 contacts from various sources including: Yahoo! Mail, Gmail or from csv.

4) File storage supported by This has a very nice interface that allows you to create folders, upload and manage files, tag them, and it even involves handy little features such as an image preview mode.

5) Calendaring. I has a good calendar that allows you to set up a detailed schedule. A little disappointing that there are no export options AFAIK.

6) Minis, these are similar to the widgets as per and include RSS feeds, weather, quotes, stocks, to-do lists etc. A nice bonus is the inclusion of a media player to handle the streaming of enclosures in podcasts and videoblogs.

7) Games when you are a little bored.

Goowy 2

All in all I like what goowy offers it seems to be something that can come in quite handy when you don’t have the convenience of your own computer at hand and the 1 Gig of free storage is definitely handy. I like the way flash has been used to make it feel slick and efficient, the design has some similarities to current Mac software as easily witnessed by the bouncing icons on the toolbars, and the alert sounds they play when a new email arrives is nice and not intrusive, although there is no easy-to-use mute button from what I could see.

I am not sure what the goowy business model will be, as there aren’t any moneymaking activities evident at the moment, but I can easily imagine a premium rated service that will include things like additional web storage capacity and the ability to tie in more POP accounts etc.

Give Goowy a spin, I recommend it!

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