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“Google Notebook” – ness

Posted on: May 13, 2006

There seems to be a fair amount of buzz surrounding the imminent release of Google Notebook, yet another arrow in Google’s ever increasing quiver of products. No one is really 100% sure of what the full capabilities will be when it launches next week, but you can get a pretty good idea by browsing the screenshots posted by Erica Joy on her Flickr account.

Notebook seems to be somewhere between a competitor for the well known service and knowledge page type services like JetPack and Squidoo (without the cash). It has a rich AJAX API, allowing you to handily “add a note” or bookmark to your notebook page of choice (you can have many in different categories) straight from your Google search results and it has a handy back-end for organising all of your goodies and dealing with tasks like maintaining pages and categories, ordering notes (using a nifty AJAX drag-and-drop) etc.

You have the option of keeping a notebook private or sharing it in which case it is searchable by users of the engine.

Significantly this is yet another movement by Google into the world of Web 2.0 (let’s stick with this metaphor for now, shall we?), and it clearly underlines there interest in user supported services beyond Blogger.

Can we see a free version of FlickR soon?

On a more sinister note, do you see the picture evolving now as Google starts to bring users of other popular services into their own silo? There are elements of worry here, vendor lock-in being the main one, do we trust “Do no evil?”. I always find comfort in the fact that while Google is huge, you will always have alternatives and that while their services are great they are often not the best-of-breed (remember Blogger?), and that there will always be viable competitors in the space. For now..

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