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Death by Chocolate

Posted on: May 29, 2006

Delectable LG Chocolate to be precise. This weekend the wife and I went out to explore the new shopping center that had opened around the corner from us and as often happens we got drawn into the local cellphone shop. Well it just so happens that the wife has an upgrade window coming up (I have been trying to convince her to sit it out and switch to a Vodacom contract) and as she is enquiring about when she can expect a handset upgrade, we are told that she can do it right away as they can put it through on something called a “premature” upgrade. Right. There goes the Vodacom idea flying out the window.


So now, which phone to buy? The wife is not interested in 3G or business functions or even a fancy camera. No, she needs to have a sexy phone, one that says “feminine”.

So, we had a look at the SLIVR the V3x (no longer sexy by the way), various permutations of the Sony Walkman phone and a couple others before laying eyes on the Chocolate, that was it. Case closed.

The Chocolate is an interesting phone no doubt and I reckon definitely a case of form over function, but there is no denying the drop dead gorgeous looks. Other pro’s are the thin form factor, very light weight and the high quality feel of the sliding mechanism. The odd ball feature are the buttons on the front face which are touch sensitive (i.e. no actual movement, like telefunken tv’s of old or new gen iPods 🙂 ). Cons are the lack of expandable memory, relatively weak camera by modern standards (1.3 MP) and no 3G.

So basically a supermodel prety phone with not a lot in the brains department (refer to previous metaphore), I can live with that. Stay tuned for more once we take delivery.

Of further interest is the interesting blog marketing campaign that LG is conduction under the guidance of Niall Cook at UK based marketing firm Hill and Knowlton, they are basically sending off loaners for bloggers to review. It would be interesting to keep an eye on this one to see where it goes as this is still very much new terrain and certainly very daring. Do the bloggers have the guts to shoot down a product if they find it bad, I wonder?

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2 Responses to "Death by Chocolate"

Conrad – thanks for noticing the campaign (and the phone, of course). I can assure you that most bloggers have no qualms shooting down the product if they don’t like it. So far, most have been pretty fair – highlighting both what they like and what they don’t like. I’d never recommend a company use this approach for a product they’re not extremely confident about though.

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