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Bill Gates talks Wireless

Posted on: July 11, 2006

Bill Gates,during today’s Cape Town presentation, says that Microsoft are moving at introducing wireless technologies into Africa “so that internet can be delivered cheaply”. Hey, I am all for that, but it is the article on Reuters that is dissappointing, seems that MS is teaming up with MTN (Africas biggest mobile carrier) to provide a bandwidth solution packaged with a low-end PC running a stripped down version of Windows. Why am I disappointent? Well if cost is the problem, where are the solutions using exciting initiatives like Ubuntu and Edubuntu? Where is the South African version of the Municator? Africa does not need a strip downed low-end PC, we need an appliance that can operate with minimal support.
Investors, take note! Why should we have an international company come and set down its proprietary fortress in our back yard now that their stock prices are crashing in back yard. I don’t know about you, but I am tired of this continent becoming the dumping ground for the rest of the worlds old news!
At least Gates is right about one thing, Wireless is the only forward for us in this country.


2 Responses to "Bill Gates talks Wireless"

I hate to sound negative about the whole thing, and we all know it is important stuff – but who are they doing it for, less privileged, right? Ok so telkom provided the less privileged with public phones and what happened? It is all good and well we think that people need this – the question is do “these people” think they need it. I mean if you don’t have a house – would a “cheap” pc be on your mind.

Maybe I am missing the point here? Who/What is the target market?

Seeing electricity is a scarce resource is some areas maybe we should look at this? Hehe

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