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Geek Dinner was fun

Posted on: August 31, 2006

The Cape Town Stormhoek Geek dinner, another first in South Africa, was a ton of fun!

Thanks to Graham and the crew from Stormhoek, and to Dave for getting it going.

I particularly made sure to gobble up some prize winning Pinotage!

Herewith my very amateur wine review of the 2 wines I had:

I started of with the Pinot Grigio and found it pleasantly bubbly and quite fruity, not too dry, but not sweet. I think it will make a great accompaniment to seafood or a wine to pop open on a lazy summers afternoon with friends.

The Pinotage was fabulous, I have had some pretty awful pinotages that often sport a very unpleasant burnt and overly smokey taste (I hope that comes across right) , thankfully this is a very civilized taste, it felt rounded and smooth and was a very pleasant experience as a whole. I’ll be looking out for this one in the shops!

Thanks again guys!


5 Responses to "Geek Dinner was fun"

[…] Having all sense & sensibility swoooshed away by the deluge of Stormhoek wines generously laid on by Graham Knox at our 1st official Geek Dinner in Cape Town.. I’m glad that the thundering headache in the wake of the fun has finally passed. Just some simple heartfelt THANK YOU’s: Firstly to Dave for the seeming effortlessness with which he organised yet another successful evening. To Graham and Shane of Stormhoek for the intoxicating fun (& personal entropy) To firestarter Gavin Chait who put our efforts in the greater economic & political context & stoked some fiery debate! To Conrad, giving the eloquent geekspin on blogger ID2.0. To the impressive Mike Stopforth who joined us from Jozi (content fell over the Pinotage event horizon but I do remember that his talk was delivered really well) Thankfully Jon Cherry’s red T-shirt was an achor that reminded me that he had launched a blogger competition (?did I imagine this) will have to zip over to the Cherryflava to find out more. Ever sparking Rafiq’s lightning speed wisdom swerved past the inebriated minds.. so if like me you need an encore To Adrian, Drupal hero of open-source publishing, gr8 to reconnect after BarCamp with this Bryght man To musician and designer Darin for the sound equipment & gorgeous ambient beats. To our flight Captain Chris for the speakers.. and bringing Ceri to offset any impression that bloggers can’t be good-looking To Roland for top quality photography from Pyxels To Gina from the Googleplex, gracing Cape Town with her fine self for just two weeks more 😦 before heading back to Silicon Valley To Martin who brought the blogger crew from GlobalKinetic & surprised me, wonderful! To Mark of Kaluma, Silicon Valley survivor of Web 1.0 and thriver in Web 2.0 Cape Town To office pal Dr Don of Kreatif, to Joey and Christine, to fresh blogger Pia, to Rafiq’s partner in innovation Miguel, to mindsparking Ashley Shaw …oh gosh I’ll stop now.. to all of our fellow geeks who made the night thoroughly enjoyable.. Thank you for sharing the fun! […]

There is something really appealing about calling an event a “Geek Dinner.” I like it! Maybe I should bring the idea to where I live :0)

thanks so much d2 for remembering and devoting a post for my birthday. i feel honored, hehehe. i’ll remind you about rapelling in 3-6 months time. i believe you’ll be up to the task by then. then siguro, we can also go caving or mountaineering, hahaha. God bless always! Come on

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