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The Bloggers Identity

Posted on: August 31, 2006

Hello universe

If I write this, does it really matter? In one hundred years I will be long forgotten, no one will know my name. My life is only a spec in the history of time. Not only that, I am one of billions of specs on this planet. Do I really matter? Do I have a purpose – or am I just waisting my time? *

But wait..

I blog, therefore I am.

We blog.

But who are we?

We are all different but our blogs are all similar in structure, we don’t judge on page design or layout or spelling or vocabulary but we relish in the inspiration of others.

We write about what we love generally for no reward – we share our passions with those willing to lend an ear.

We write so others can listen – and hear our voices drowned out by the constraints of traditional media – take for example our friends at United We Blog! who are carrying the flame for a Democratic Nepal.

Sometimes its a plea for attention, literally a fight for life.

Sometimes we share our joys and good news like the new baby on the way or the photos taking in Rome last vacation.

Our writings are informal and engaging- we love to discuss open-ended topics and comment on the inspired or misguided writings of others,

We are always there available via comments, and email, and boy, do we love to chat!

You can get to know us by our writings, get the meat via the long post or share a short brainwave via a short post.

We Blog-roll our friends and nurture those relationships with the recognition of a link.

We promote exciting brands like certain wines and a coffee shop in Sea-point.

We take our virtual friendships and make them real by attending Geek Dinners!

Some of us are techies in the industry and we make fun of the latest tech news or wallow in the prospects of WWJD or “What Would Jobs Do”?

Some of us are fashion trendies with the iPod as our bible and the latest mp3 our hymn, others are housewives posting about the latest under 9 soccer score.

Some of us , like Jason Calacanis and Om Malik, have or will be making millions from our hobby-slash-jobs.

We are one in a million, 50 million to be exact.

Our time is now, this is the time for the revolution. Are you getting heard?

So back to my question, do I really matter?

Well you are reading my blog, aren’t you?

*Quoted from and inspired by the book: I Blog,therefore I am by “The book of blogs”


5 Responses to "The Bloggers Identity"

[…] Gavin (who is abnormally smart) went on to challenge us intellectually and Conrad showed us that he’s more than just a pretty face and a coding demigod by sharing the blog-post-that-wasn’t-that-now-is and touching even the geekiest heart in the room. Max topped it all off with her usual zest and passion. […]

[…] We had 5 speakers for the evening Graham Knox (owner of Stormhoek), Gavin Chiat (Whythawk), Conrad Strydom (GeekSpin), Jon Cherry (Cherryflava), and Mike Stopforth. […]

cape town geek dinner thank you’s

I’d like to thank everyone that was at cape town geek dinner:

For starters, Mike Stopforth for giving us the keywords to Google & half of the title of this post.
A little nibble by Conrad “The BarCamp Cape Town Guy” Strydom for …

Thank you very much for taking note of United We Blog!Wish we could have attended the Geek Dinner! May be next time… Thanks!!

I like this post. Every blogger definitely has a voice, some good and some bad. I personally have made some terrific friends on here. I never thought that blogging would be as rewarding as it has been personally and professionally. In both cases, it has helped with expression, thought, and well, being very opinionated :0)

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