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I am currently very interested in the virtual world phenomenon and I’m looking at it from a business angle at the moment, if anyone is currently living in one of those such as secondlife and/or making money in one of these micro economies please tell me about it, any other feedback welcome as well!

May be doing a talk on it at the upcoming SA Stormhoek Geek Dinner.


So BarCamp Cape Town has come and gone and I think it was one of my personal highlights in the recent years and a great honour to have been involved with.

For each and every one that attended and/or helped out in some way .. thank you.

I am humbled by the amount of incredible talent we have in this country and to have been associated with you all even if it is just for two days.

So whats next? I hope we can keep some of the momentum going and that we can get together on a more frequent basis, even if just for a chat over beer/coffee.

Planning a post BarCamp get together next week sometime, let me know if you are keen.

Quote of the event: “The geek shall inherit the earth” >> Max Kaizen

Here are some other great update posts:

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Would you like a chance at the fame and fortune associated with having your design selected for the BarCamp T-shirt? (And a cool R300-00 to spend at Kalahari)

1. Come up with a design incorporating the BarCamp Cape Town logo with a
witty tagline for front of shirt.
2. Max 3 color design to be printed on khaki / cream / white shirts
3. To be submitted in Vector format (illustrator or freehand)
4. Submission date: 12pm 1 June 2006
5. Submitted to
6. Winner to be announced on the day
7. Prize: R300 Kalahari Voucher

Download high quality copies of the BarCamp Cape Town logo here.

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Saw a little post on Zoli’s blog where he relates an interesting story in which he zapped some ‘innocent’ spam seemingly originating from the main sites of certain large search engines like Yahoo, MSN, Google etc, unfortunately this had the nasty effect of marking those search sites as illegal referrers. Nasty..
Anyone else experienced this before? I must tell you that I find comment spam really strange sometimes, its weird how people go through a lot of effort to post something so meaningless sometimes, yet it happens, A LOT! Look I realise that the 1% chance of success most relate to a lot of bucks for some spam marketer at some stage, but what about these ones that have no other reason to exist other than being stupid, annoying or malicious. *Sigh*

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Check out this funny search on my name

Try our own one here.

Found via Scobleizer.

This gatekeeper thread just refuses to die off, Kent Newsome adds to the debate, this line looked familiar though:

We are gatekeepers, the same way entrance ramps are gates to the freeway.

Then I realised, hey I said it first!! Now I can either come to the conclusion that this is another collective unconscious thing, or I can stroke my ego and say that maybe I planted that seed in his mind, in which case it is the greatest complement ever to have changed the thinking of a blogger that I really respect.

Ah yes, the world is really flattening, like Kent says. Maybe Rubel really has something here?

Then again, I could be wrong, but lets just stick with it for now, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. 🙂

Kent has linked backed to me now in the article. Thanks, I appreciate the validating gesture.

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Anyone know of a good online spellchecker? I did a quick google search, none blew me away.
Then I remembered that I had a great spellchecker already for my blog posts, the Google Toolbar!!

Google Toolbar

Finally some decent use for that thing!

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